Bulk Plants

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Rollie’s personnel are dedicated to making the finest Bulk Plants with the functionality, design, and quality that fits your need.

  • Piping is one of our Specialties
  • Forming Dike & Installing Liners
  • Contained Loading Systems
  • Pumping Equipment New or Used
  • Custom Designed Loading Platforms
  • Card Reading Technologies Available!



  • Fiberglass (Fertilizer)
  • Steel
  • Horizontal
  • Vertical
  • Skid
  • Liquid Petroleum



  • Rail Piping
  • Above Ground Loading dock
  • Bottom Loading Docks (With time on your side, and safety in mind, you will never go wrong with a Bottom Loading System.)
  • What Rollie's Bulk plants ensure. Installation of Dike & Liners,
  • Tank Monitoring Equipment,
  • Loading Containment Pads
  • Service after the Sale